• Improved Health Benefits
  • Quiet drain valve for ultra-quiet operation
  • Pure, clean, sterile steam humidification
  • Increase comfort with consistent humidity
  • Better Environment for furnishings, wood flooring, art, indoor vegetation preservation

RH2+ Steam Humidifiers

Improving health and well-being with humidity control 40-60% RH (relative humidity), the ideal condition for our overall wellness, the efficient functioning of our respiratory immune system, and the prevention of spreading airborne microbes and pollutants throughout indoor spaces.

Product Images

RH2-Space Humidifier
RH2-Space Humidifier
RH2-Duct Humidifier
RH2-Duct Humidifier

Features and Benefits

  • Helps prevent colds, flu, sore throats, dry skin, frizzy hair, and other respiratory issues
  • Low maintenance – no messy cleanup or slimy, stale water in the reservoir
  • No water reservoir to allow scale build-up
  • A cost-effective, long-term solution that can make a major difference in your health, comfort, and ability to sleep
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